Our Services

Corporate and Commercial
The Firm offers a wide range of legal services as we have an experience exceeding 30 years in corporate and commercial law , and advising on pre-contract negotiations, drafting and reviewing agreements for commercial activities, advising on documents for establishing companies, shareholders disputes and negotiation, merges and acquisitions, (BOOT) projects ,……etc.
Commercial Agencies and Distributorship
The office has a wide experience that exceeds 20 years in this particular field of law as we offer our services in issuing and terminating commercial agencies and all the disputes that may arise from it. And all the related matters to it.
Industrial Property and trade mark Registration
We have the experience to provide our clients with a wide range of services in this field also the office is registered as an authorized agent in registering trademarks and patents at the trademarks and patent office.
We Zahran law office have a long experience in arbitration and it’s procedures and the enforcement of arbitral decision as we have been involved in many arbitration cases in Egypt. Which gave us a very good experience in this field of law.
Construction and Real Estates
The Firm has considerable experience in the field of construction law and construction litigation and registration of proprietorship and all the related aspects to construction and Real estates.
Banking and Capital Markets
The firm provides specialized legal opinion on all banking transactions, and capital market issues in matters giving the clients a chance to be fully aware of the impact of their activities intended to be performed. The Firm carries out legal review of all documentation made by clients and provides the necessary recommendation.
Tax law
The Office has a wide experience in the area of taxation, helping clients to benefit from legally available tax planning opportunities to minimize their tax payable under applicable laws. The Firm has handled many disputes with the Tax Authorities. Also we have a wide experience in some types of taxes, for which different banks such as stamp taxes, payroll tax, corporate taxes and movable values taxes raised several disputes.
The Firm provides full services in this field such as negotiating, drafting, licensing and franchising agreements for hotels and tourist establishments. We can also render advices relating to resolution of any disputes that may arise in tourism agreements including advice for the pre-litigation phase handling any arbitral procedures that may incur. Such services may also extend to cover other areas such as commercial agencies and distribution-ship agreements.
Financial Advisory Services
In zahran law office we don’t just offer our services in the legal field, we also advice you about the market in Egypt and which areas that is currently the most suitable areas for investing in. and that’s because of our long experience with the government institutions that enabled us to determine which field of business is mostly assisted by the government.
Due Diligence
We offer our services in the field of due diligence as we analyze company's profitability, and assets management efficiency (Accounts receivable, inventory, accounts payable) and identify areas for improvement and …..... Etc.
Also we have a long and wide experience regarding the following fields:
Investments Business – civil law ــ Labor law ــ family law ــ Joint Ventures - Court Litigation ــ import and export ـ Commercial and Maritime Matters - Pharmaceutical- Government Contracts - Securities Offerings, License- preparing legal specialized studies in terms of Islamic law and jurisprudence.